158% ROI from paid search campaign on Google Search Engine

Perfect Concrete Care is a start-up concrete care contractor specialising in concrete cutting, grinding, coring and scanning, based in Marrickville, NSW. Even though Perfect Concrete Care is a new company on the market; since the beginning it has been reaching net profit every month successfully. The concrete care market is competitive, there are lots of smaller and bigger companies competing on the concrete grinding, cutting, coring or scanning services market.

In 3rd quarter 2016, on behalf of Perfect Concrete Care, we ran a paid search campaign on the Google Search Engine reaching 158% return of investment (ROI) which means every $1,000.00 invested into the campaign brought more than $1,500.00 in profit.

Read on about how we performed a high quality paid search campaign on the Google Search Engine.


At the end of the day, widely defined sales is a fundamental objective of almost every single cost per click (CPC) campaign for any kind of organisation. The sales goal was keep 100% return of investment Since it is the last step of acquisition funnel together, with our client, we set up supporting site-centred communications goals:

  • Price guide download
  • Call button use
  • Contact form
  • Call-back form
  • Phone call
Marketing Strategists often divide goals into business and communications objectives. Achieving communications objectives leads to achieving business goals. Take this example: in the case shown, business goals may be defined as “Get $1,000,000 monthly takeover or keep 100% return of investment from services provided by the concrete care contractor”. Furthermore, a certain amount of phone calls or price list downloads will result in sales. Read more about interactive marketing strategies.

As the table below shows, we achieve more than 20% goal rate. This means with every fifth session, it ends with action: downloading a price list, tapping on a call button or filling out the contact forms.

Goals achievement – Perfect Concrete Care site-centred goals, Q3 2016. Source: Google Analytics, Q3 2016
Goal Coversion Rate July August September Q3
All goals 23.61% 25.64% 25.42% 24.91%


First of all, we focused on the quality score. Thus, we concentrated not only on the keyword coverage, relevant ad groups or ads but also on landing pages triggered by the ads.

We, as an online marketing agency, built four paid search campaigns on main services basis: concrete grinding, concrete scanning, concrete cutting and concrete core drilling. Drilling down, ad groups were constructed as most common application of the services, e.g. floor grinding, post tension cables investigation and so on.

In the same time, we created responsive landing pages containing call to action buttons, online forms, descriptions of services and most common applications. As more than 50% (source: Google Analytics) of Perfect Concrete Care’s traffic comes from mobile devices, responsibility was required.

In order to track the performance, we set up goals on Google Analytics and used WhatConverts for numbers.

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is an idea of building websites which users can easily read on any device used. This includes: desktop, mobile phone and tablets.

Successful CPC & SEO Campaign – Sydney Online Marketing

Process & Costs

As we have mentioned before, the competitiveness of the market was huge, because of that some of the keywords cost more than $10 per click (CPC). The table below shows costs per click/action. By monitoring and evaluating search results and search performance across the all campaigns, we decreased cost of action over 45% (cost of phone call source: perfect concrete care internal data) compering with Q2 2016. The cost of phone calls levelled off at ~$33 per phone call in the third quarter of 2016.

CPC & CPA, Q3 2016, Perfect Concrete Care
Avg. CPC/CPA July August September Q3
Click $6.77 $6.76 $6.66 $6.72
Phone call $33.74 $38.07 $30.29 33.45
Sale $168.69 $799.43 $157.84 $214.26

Results & Return of investment

Let’s talk about the return of investment. Costs were counted as: the sum of cost per click and agency fee costs of labour and travel; so, in other words, all costs possible. The average ROI was 158% which proves our success with the campaign.

Return of investment (ROI) is the ratio of net profit to costs.
ROI = (revenue – costs) / costs
Return of Investment, Q3 2016, Perfect Concrete Care, Source: Perfect Concrete Care
Month ROI
July 448%
August 22%
September 9%
Q3 153%


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