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ToolMates is an online tool-focused rental platform which allows both individuals and businesses to list or rent their tools. After months of developing and testing, we finally saw the spoils of ToolMates team efforts go live in May 2017  when we officially launched the new platform called ToolMates 2.0.

Day one yielded an amazing response. In total, through the first 24 hours of going live, we received over 1,700 sessions on our website, and go the first 6 of our 46 total (and counting) week one signups. It should be mentioned that none of these would’ve been possible without the fantastic help of the display, email and social media campaigns and influencers that made mention of us on our launch day. We also launched a successful campaign on Product Hunt – the product sharing website.

The launch involved dividing our attention between both the website and the campaigns we had going on all over the internet, and setting up (as pictured) for the internationally renowned CeBIT computer conference, starting the next day on Tuesday, at the International Convention Centre in Darling Harbour.

Some of the results


Successful deliveries: 11,087
Open Rate (OR): 29.6% (17.1% industry average)
Click Rate (CTR): 3.1% (1.3% industry average)




Facebook Ad Carousel ToolMates

SHARE . SAVE . EARN Campaign
Our first social media campaign we launched for ToolMates Hire was based on their slogan of “Share, Save and Earn”. We developed a concept around this that you could hire tools to your neighbours and earn money off your unused tools.
We received a very good reception from this campaign with a lot of positive comments and likes. We of course had a few negative comments and concerns but we dealt with these right away.

Mates Rates Campaign
For the next campaign we had a professional photo shoot carried out as we felt we needed to humanize the platform and put a face to these tools. The photo shoot was a great success and we got a number of wonderful shots to use. These helped to improve our image and took us away from the usual stock image status quo. FOr this campaign we created two campaigns as ToolMates Hire is a two sided market place we needed to focus on both the supply and demand markets simultaneously.



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